I want to leave my husband of 7 years and take the kids with me

For seven years, this woman has been dealing with emotional torture, lack of effort and terrible sex. Now she wants out – alongside her babies.

I want to leave my husband of 7 years and take the kids with me [Credit: Odyssey]
I want to leave my husband of 7 years and take the kids with me [Credit: Odyssey]

Dear Bukky,

For some seven years now that I have been married, I have been dealing with cheating issues, emotional torture, stinginess, lack of good sex ( he lasts only five minutes) etc. 

We have two kids together. It was a love marriage but our marriage was only a year plus when he developed schizophrenia. 

As a matter of fact, I have been enduring till now, but I’m tired.

I have cheated on him too because I couldn’t manage anymore and now I have no feelings for him whatsoever.

I want to seek for divorce and have the custody of the kids.



Dear reader,

I actually commend you for deciding to leave, seeing that the marriage no longer holds any sort of happiness for you.

I understand how difficult it must be but I also think it’s admirable to see the courage it took you to decide on this.

Staying in a bad marriage that no longer holds any happiness isn’t too good, not even for the kids. If that’s what your marriage has come to and you feel this is the best thing for you, then please go ahead with it.

Having said that, there’s only one thing to do – enlist the services of a lawyer. A credible one who comes with referrals of having experience with getting favourable judgement for women at divorce proceedings.

Good luck and I hope you rediscover happiness.


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