Differences between Wizkid and Davido – Opinion

So many Nigerians have come up with lots of differences between Wizkid and Davido. But most of their fans create the differences in favour of their favourite artistes.

Differences between Wizkid and Davido - Opinion lailasnews 3

The two singers are currently regarded as the lead exports of African music to the world and the rivalry doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon as there have been clashes between the singers, either directly or indirectly.


A Facebook user however took to a Facebook group: YabaleftOnline Ward to highlight her own opinion on the differences between Wizkid and Davido and she was able to state her thoughts on how one is better than the other.


10 differences between WIZKID and DAVIDO

1. WIZKID will sing 1 song to win 5 awards while DAVIDO will sing 5 songs to win 1 award😒

2. DAVIDO is compared to WIZKID while WIZZY is compared to LEGEND FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI

3. WIZZY is hungry for success while DAVIDO works for the success of his team as whole

4. Girls love WIZZY for his good looks and his good songs but Girls love DAVIDO for his money

5. DAVIDO makes hit songs while WIZZY breaks world record

6. DAVIDO sings for fame and WIZZY sings because he loves the game.

7. WIZZY is a pure talented artiste while DAVIDO is an hardworking artiste

8. WIZZY writes 99.9% of his songs while DAVIDO buys 80% of his songs

9. DAVIDO will make your day! But WIZZY will make your History!

10. DAVIDO is good but WIZZY is the best

Who is with me???


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