Actress Etinosa mocks Blessing Okoro, says house should be turned into tourist center for pictures

Earlier on, Legit reported the news of how Nigerian blogger, Blessing Okoro was called out and arrested for claiming to own the house belonging to another man.

The story which has since gone viral, has garnered several reactions from people who either condemned her or mocked her for living a fake life on social media.


One of such people is actress Etinosa Idemudiah who took to social media to suggest that the now famous house should be turned into a tourist center.

She wrote:


“As a business woman concerned, Owan Na China we need to put gate fee in your house let tourists come o because your house don BLOW!!! It is now a tourist attraction site and I will be the manager of the house.”

Following through with her words, the actress showed up outside the now famous house to do a mock reporting on the house and its recently gained popularity.

While many people found the posts hilarious, others felt she had no right to mock another person seeing as she just recently survived a scandal.

Recall a while ago, she blasted a man who trolled her for the infamous IG live video. Responding to one amongst many trolls coming for her on a daily, she cursed the man saying he would bury one of his children before the month ends. Justifying her statement, she stated that she was minding her business when he decided to hurt her, hiding under the guise of social media.


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